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New Chemical Paint Stripping Equipment


New Chemical Paint Stripping Equipment

New Chemical Paint Stripping Equipment

New equipment entirely produced by CONIEX, Utrasonic Chemical Paint Stripping Unit.


E³ rule: Economy; Eficiency and Ecology in Paint Stripping!

A stripping equipment created to remove paint from paint racks and parts, allowing to perform paint removal in record time cycles for todays market. The "bath" can be activated by ultrasound waves, generating a mechanical action in the parts to be cleaned and increasing the efficiency of the chemical product used in the process.

The vask or ultrasonic tank is entirely built in stainless steel.

Chemical product info:
• Paint stripper without methylene chloride and other volatile substances;
• Appropriate to eliminate paint and barnish from iron, steel and aluminium parts;
• Can be applied by immersion or immersion with ultrasounds;

The “bath” is automatically regenerate through pumping and filtering, allowing to remove paint waste and to control it´s discharge and disposal in a dry status. This way continuous water discharges are avoided, chemic bath losses in waste as weel as the emission of volatile residues. This process works in a closed circuit cycle.

There was an intrinsic need for new strripping solutions, more environment friendly and for the parts and components to be stripped. Companies performing painting or coating processes needed a solution that woudn´t change the physical properties of their parts and, more than never, a solution that allows to dicrease operating costs and drastically reduce the risk of environmental impact.

Main advantages:
• Reduced time cycle;
• Parts are not altered in terms of main dimensions, aspect or surface finish;
• Operation cost regarding energy consumption much lower than the current alternative systems;
• Lower environmental impact risk;
• Much lower equipment maintenance costs;
• Easy handling and operator safe;

Watch the video HERE