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Decanting is done from Effluent Decanter, type Thickeners or Vertical Silos.

Both are based in detaching the solids continuously that are found in suspension in the effluents. These decanters are projected and manufactured according to each necessity.

In both applications, its operation consists in receiving the matter to decanter through one or more channels of the main entrance. According to the matter level the water is rising and clarifying until overflows to a reap gutter in the upper part. The sludge or the solids are becoming accumulated in the lower part. This process is due to the addition of a polymer or Flocculant. The use of Flocculant in these decanters is lower to the use in the Vertical Silos, to treat the same flow.

Gravity Sludge Thickeners
The thickeners are used to decanter high flows.
Thickening increases the solids content of material by reducing the liquid portion.
The diameter at disposable is between the 5 and the 20m. Its building can be done with the body in Civil or Metallic. Inside the Metallic we have the chance of manufacturing set in low walls Civil or else everything in iron or in stainless steel, according to the customer´s preference, as well as executing in welded construction or construction in screwed panels.

These Decanters have inside a Scraper Bridge, with continuous automatic action, which allows guiding the solids stored in its bottom for a central channel to be collected and at the same time avoids that those get solidify.

Vertical Silos:
The Vertical Silos are used to decanter less flows than the gravity thickeners. The diameter can vary between the 2,5m and the 4m. They allow to be set in more reduced spaces and the cost turns out to be lower. Nevertheless they also allow the possibility of decanter the same flows of the thickeners, when it is set more than one silo and when the use of flocculant is higher.

Its construction can be done supported in low civil walls or all in Metallic materials. Within the Metallic Construction we have the chance of manufacturing in Iron or in stainless steel according to the customer wishes.