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Chemical Products

The polymers ( flocculants ) are ideal to use as reactive in the sedimentation for wastewater treatment with or without adding an inorganic reactive. These products can be also used as sedimentation or reactive in the centrifugal process to minerals concentrate or floating clays in most of the minerals process of the steel and iron industry.
However, there is a huge range of anionic and cationic products, being always selected CONIEX  technician team, with a wide experience in several sectors of application.

Aluminum polyvinyl

Used in several industrial processes, highlighted in  the paper production, purifying water as well as in the  waste water treatment.
It has with the function of pre-flocculant, namely, in effluents in which the formed solid are not of big dimension, the PAC has the function agglomerate this little solids and helps the polymer's performance in the flocculation stage, and there we obtain a more clearer effluent.

This product it´s a mixture of water, fat alcohols and additives.

Application / effect / proprieties:
The DEFOAMER is used as a ventilator/defamer in the paper industry, of the card and of cellulose, in the effluent stations, waste water, etc.
The DEFOAMER effect as an anti-farmer relies on its specific particle content, that destroy the homogeneous liquid film on the surface of  little bubbles. This action allows that the gas which is hidden escapes and, getting together, the little bubbles and afterwards big bubbles, causing this way its destruction. The ventilator effect is obtained through the way out then by the cohesion of little bubbles kept in the fiber or in the charges that are brought to the surface where they burst.
The DEFOAMER is a liquid leakage that is divided in a great way in the suspension.
The DEFOAMER  doesn´t also have any influence in other manufacture process (eg.: collage) even at higher dosages.

Activated carbon powder for air and water filtration. Also granular activated carbon adsorber filter systems, pressure vessels and canisters.
Granular activated carbons for remove organic and inorganic contaminants from groundwater, surface and process water, wastewater and air/vapor streams. With adsorber equipment options permanent or removable types.

CONIEX gives to customers the right configuration for their application and flowrate, while also assuring optimal carbon utilization.